Sipar started in 1982 by welcoming in France refugees who were fleeing the Khmer. Initially, Sipar focused on teaching French in refugee camps in Thailand and providing training on the border between Cambodia and Thailand.

In 1991, Sipar settled in Cambodia, which had been ravaged by 20 years of civil war. The education system had been completely destroyed, with books destroyed and teachers exterminated.

Today, 20% of the country’s population remain illiterate. Sipar is committed to working with disadvantaged populations across the country to make books accessible to all for education and awareness-raising.

The association is working to develop access to knowledge and to help children and adults master reading and writing through its three main educational programs. Once set up and running, the programs are handed back to the Cambodian government to ensure their continuity.

On another hand, Sipar has established its own publishing house to promote reading in the country. Thanks to it, they can publish translation of international books into Khmer and republish local works, while ensuring financial sustainability.

School librairies

Equip schools with school libraries to enhance pupils' learning and develop their curiosity and creativity

Mobile librairies

Make reading a habit all around the country and raise awareness among children and parents on society subjects

Youth empowerment

Help young people to act in the education and social development of their community

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