Cookies policy

When you open a page on our website, (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”), cookies are installed by the 1% For Education funds and/or third parties on your device (i.e. computer, mobile or tablet) for the purpose of collecting information about your browsing activity.

If you give your consent, cookies will be installed under the conditions below.
We have provided more details below about cookies and how they work, as well as ways to configure cookies as per your preferences.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a computer file, or tracker, that records information about your browsing activity. It is installed on your computer’s web browser (e.g. in your browsing history) when you visit a website. This small file allows the Site’s server to identify you for the lifetime of the cookie.

Cookies can be used to collect information about your website browsing for the purposes of offering you personalised services.


Where do cookies come from?

When you visit the Site, 1% For Education funds or third parties may install cookies.

The 1% For Education Funds cookies are cookies installed by 1% For Education funds or its service partners on your device to enable use of the Site and to optimise Site services.

Third-party cookies are cookies installed by third-parties, such as service partners or advertising agencies, to identify your areas of interest based on your viewing activity or product purchases on the Site and to personalise advertising that is displayed when you visit other websites. Third-party cookies may be installed when browsing the Site or when you visit view items of content on the Site (e.g. YouTube videos).


Why are cookies used?

Cookies play an essential role in how the Site operates.

The Site uses different types of cookies, some of which are installed by third parties for use in pages of the Site, in order to improve the user experience, gather audience statistics and analysis to improve our services, offer services that are tailored to the user’s area(s) of interest, measure the performance of the Site more generally, use precise geolocation data, offer social media functionality and combat fraud. Some cookies (technical cookies) are essential for the Site and Site services to function. Deleting them could cause problems with browsing the Site. You can accept them all, refuse them all, or manage your preferences for how cookies are used.

Cookies that we install on your computer cannot be used to extract other data from your hard drive, transmit viruses to your computer, or get hold of your email address.


What are the different types of cookies?

1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the Site to function. These cookies enable the use of the Site’s main functionalities, such as browsing, using your shopping basket or accessing your account. They are installed by 1% For Education funds in order to ensure that the Site works optimally.

To ensure Site security, 1% For Education funds collects information as part of efforts to combat fraud, to ensure that authentication and transactions made on the Site are kept secure.

Technical cookies are only stored for the duration of the session on the Site only.

2. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are required for measure audience numbers. They collection login data that 1% For Education funds can analyse data such as how many visits the Site receives, how long visitors spend on average, the most frequently visited pages, or what browser was used. Google Analytics generates a cookie using a unique identifier that collects your IP address in order to determine where you are logged in, but does not identify what computer you use or who you are.

These cookies give 1% For Education funds more knowledge and insight into Site performance so that they can improve the Site’s content, ease-of-use and functionality.

Analytical cookies are stored for six months.

3. Functional cookies

Functional cookies are not required for the Site to work properly, but they offer functional features and help improve the user experience on the Site.

Functional cookies are stored for six months.

An example of a functional cookie is the Site geolocation cookie. This cookie is used to determine your location so that you can use features such as the automatic display of the correct language of the Site. Geolocation cookies are only kept for the duration of your use of the service.

4. Social media cookies

When you browse on our Site, you may receive website cookies administered by other organisations (third-party cookies).
Social media cookies enable use of functional features from third-party social media websites. They allow social media companies to tailor advertising that they circulate on their platforms.

The presence of social media cookies on the Site involves sending cookies to all websites administered by third parties.
Social media cookies are not administered by 1% For Education funds, but by the social media Site publisher. To find out more about social media cookies and how they use their personal data, you can refer to the privacy policies of the following social media websites:


  • Facebook cookies policy:
  • Facebook privacy policy: sign into your account and select “Privacy”


  • Instagram privacy policy:
  • Instagram cookies policy:[0]=Aide%20Instagram&bc[1]=Politiques%20et%20signalement


  • YouTube privacy policy:


  • Pinterest privacy policy: Privacy policy
  • Pinterest cookies policy: Cookies

These cookies are stored for six months.

How can I manage cookies?

By law, installing cookies requires user consent.

When you first visit the Site, an information box relating to cookies appears at the bottom of the screen. You are then notified that cookies will be installed on your browser or device. You can agree to the installation of cookies by clicking the “Accept all” button. The consent is valid for six months from when the cookies were installed on your first visit to the Site.

You can refuse to install cookies on your browser or device by clicking the “Refuse all” button.

Refusal to install cookies may affect your browsing activity and user experience on the Site.

You can configure your preferences on the installation of cookies on your browser or device in the cookies manager by clicking the “Configure” button.

Depending on your preferences and the browser you are using, you will need to visit the designated page to configure your computer’s settings.

  • Google Chrome:
  • Safari:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Edge:
  • Opera:


For information about cookies

For more information about cookies, please visit the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) website at


Updates to the Cookies policy

We seek to ensure that our cookies policy is kept up-to-date. Please consult the current available version to check if changes have been made.