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Which organisations are eligible for support?

Are you a general interest association linked to education? Want to receive support from the 1% for Education fund or to submit a project to us for funding?

Find our eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility criteria for projects supported by the fund

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Eligibility criteria

1. Legal status

You’re a general interest organisation (organisme d’intérêt général) within the meaning of the French General Tax Code. You’re registered with official bodies in the country where you work.

Only projects organized from European Union will be considered for support request. If your organization headquarters are not located in this area, then the project must be hold by a european partner which should be integrated to your submission.

2. Area of intervention

Your project comes under one of the following categories:

  • Providing access to schooling (no matter the child’s living situation or disability)
  • Equipping for learning
  • Combatting academic disengagement
  • Highlighting non-academic disciplines and new forms of education
  • Showcasing creativity through hands-on experimentation
  • Allowing everyone to develop their talents
  • Raising children’s awareness about their responsibilities as eco-citizens (knowledge/action)

3. Beneficiary profile

Your organisation or project targets children (aged 3-14) or young people (aged under 18).

4. Educational content

Your organisation’s programme or project is:

  • Non-discriminatory
  • Non-religious

5. Project length

Your project is long-term and will achieve results over this period (rather than a one-off operation).


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