For My Planet

The association For My Planet sees itself as a school of citizenship. Its aim is to give teenagers :

  • a good understanding of current social and environmental issues
  • the means to take action at their own level to bring the changes the world needs

Each year, ten pupils are selected in each of the association’s partner secondary schools.
Accompanied by a referent teacher, they embark on a collective and educational adventure that turns them into real “Environmental Sentinels“.

The program, which runs throughout the school year, comprises 3 main phases: raising awareness, taking action and public speaking.

Everything starts when they come into contact with nature and realize how fragile it is. They returned from this expedition convinced of the need to take action. Their wish is to build a socially and ecologically sustainable world. For My Planet accompanies them all year round on this journey, so they become conscious and committed citizens, capable of carrying their message throughout France and inspiring as many people as possible.

For the 2023/2024 school year, 6 secondary schools across France already have their own Sentinels.
The project is currently being rolled out, and 3 other secondary schools will join the adventure for the start of the 2024 school year!

Discovering a nature to protect

Through a scientific expedition to a protected area, the Sentinels learn about the existing threats to our environment

Act through a meaningful project

As taking action is the best way to transform yourself, young people are helped to build an eco-citizen project in their school.

Share through conferences

The Sentinelles share their commitment and personal transformation into words and invite other young people to get involved.

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