NK Seeds

NK Seeds is an international solidarity association created by a young french lady, Mélissa Lansmant. Her action started in 2018 with the creation of a free english school for Nong Khiaw village children (Northern Laos), after she met an inhabitant teaching english to unpriviledged kids on his free time.

With this school, Mélissa aimed at offering village kids better employment perspectives in the fast moving touristic economy of South-East Asia.

Quickly, NK Seeds action opened to support local communities and schools in Northern Laos rural area. It works to improve living conditions of local populations and chlidren development and learning. Mélissa and her team also sensitize villagers to plastic pollution and environment protection, introducing and traning them to technical solutions to recycle plastic wastes locally.

Equipment for school

School supplies are distributed to rural schools

Improve school structures

Involving volunteers, the association renew schools in the villages

Training to environment protection

Villages inhabitant are trained to plastic recycling

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Melissa Lansmant - NkSeeds

With the help of 1% For Education Fund, NK SEEDS can plan to support more local communities in North Laos. Our action aims at providing good conditions for learning, through schools and buildings renovations, and the distribution of school furniture, warm clothes or comfort items to improve the kids and their families' living conditions.

Melissa Lansmant - Founder and President of NK Seeds


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