Grandir et Créer

Grandir et Créer

The Annecy-based charity Grandir et Créer (Grow and Create) was established five years ago. Its mission is to support parents and teaching professionals who wish to set up initiatives to promote children’s connection with the countryside, themselves and others.

In 2021, “Grandir et Créer” launched the very first Festival des Jeunes en Action (Youth in action Festival). The aim is to unite as many key players and initiatives as possible, locally and nationally, who share the desire to help children feel that they’re part of the society they live in, increase their confidence in their creative resources, and to inspire them to grow up as pioneers of change who are self-assured, creative and fulfilled.

This event was enabled through the financial support of partners such as Maped via the 1% For Education fund.

To support innovative teaching practices

To develop children's connection to the countryside, to themselves and to others.

Edulab courses

These educational courses enable children to develop a sense of innovation and eco-citizenship.

The Festival des Jeunes en Action (Youth in action Festival)

Shines a light on young people who have created eco-citizen and solidarity initiatives.

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