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Helping isolated communities

In 2022, the association helped remote communities in Xone District by providing food, clothing and school supplies to pupils at 4 schools (Hoymuay, Na chak, Nam nyao and Nong Ser primary schools). All these schools are located in isolated areas, the children lack school supplies and some do not have the means to buy school uniforms or clothes to wear, particularly warm ones for the winter.

Some vulnerable families in serious need have also been provided with basic necessities, including rice and blankets.

Thanks to NK Seeds support, the 475 pupils in these rural schools have been equipped to attend school in better conditions.


A glimpse from the field

Long-lasting renovation of rural schools

During an inspection tour, the association noted that the school building in the village of Na Luang was seriously damaged. With the support of the 1% For Education fund, international volunteers and local workers worked for several months to restore decent conditions for the village’s children.

Thanks to them, the twenty children in the village were granted with a brand new classroom for the start of the school year 2023!


The school walls in poor conditions

the school walls are very damaged at the arrival of NK Seeds

Back to the basic structure

The cob walls have been removed by volunteers


Walls are not made of oncrete blocks for much more solidity

Melissa Lansmant - NkSeeds

With the support of 1% For Education fund, we could finance the entire set of school furniture, a sanity kit and a large part of the warm clothes distributed to the 475 pupils and the 4 familles in very precarious situation targeted by our action.

Melissa Lansmant - Founder and President of NK Seeds


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