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From 2021


Our partnership

1% For Education supports the action and the development throughout France of the association Ma Chance Moi Aussi (“My opportunity as well”). Our financial partnership bears the cost necessary to follow-up a kid  during a scholar year.

Besides this financial support, our partnership is an opportunity to create a tight link between Ma Chance Moi Aussi and the company of Maped, whose employees are giving time to provide the children followed by Ma Chance Moi Aussi the best opportunities to succeed their schooling and life.

Through regular workshops and projects organized with the help of the company employees, the kids discover the company world, explore their own creativity, acquire new skills and develop their specific talents. All of these helping to acquire trust in themselves, giving them the best chances to succeed.

Workshops to develop creativity

In these workhops, children let their imagination flow through manual crafting, painting or coloring.

Visit companies

The chlidren discovers how a company is organized and the jobs hidden behind their usual consumption products.

Florence Bozonnet Directrice établissement d'Aix-Les-Bains de Ma Chance Moi Aussi

The fund enables us to implement actions so we can achieve our association's educational objectives.

Florence Bozonnet, Director of the Ma Chance Moi Aussi establishment in Aix-les-Bains (France).


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