Improve a rural secondary school in Togo



Action realized with: C.I.E.LO

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The 1% For Education found support the project of C.I.E.LO to improve schooling condition in the secondary school located in the village of  AMEGNONA-KONDJI – TOGO.

Project context and objectives

Following previous projects realized in Togo, the association C.I.E.LO has decided to improve the schooling conditions for the 107 pupils of the rural secondary school in AMEGNONA-KONDJI village (Togo) along with a local development organization.

Before the project, the secondary school was compounded of narrow straw hut which did not bring the sufficient conditions of safety (inflammable at dry season, leaks at rainy season, damaged blackboards, unsufficient desks).

The project consists into:

  • Building 2 real classrooms each one fully equipped with a blackboard a teacher’s desk and chair and desks for 40 pupils.
  • Building latrines for the school
  • Furnishing a game trunk with about 30 educational games
  • Furnishing sport equipment (balls, rackets, nets, goals, frisbee…) to be used around the school by the sport teacher.
  • Giving 20 musical instruments to the school

All the construction work (classes, desks…) is done by local company in order to support the local economy.

Initial classroom

Lessons take place under fragile and precarious huts

Building a durable structure

A local company build the futur classrooms with traditional material bricks

First classroom is achieved

Pupils can follow their lessons in good conditions in all seasons

A project with many benefits

Thanks to C.I.E.LO, the pupils and teachers will have decent conditions to learn and teach, all futures pupils will benefit of the improvements. The secondary school will be able to receive more children and it will get a better image for the parents, pushing them to let their children follow a complete schooling.

The project participate to the local economy employing local craftmen for the construction for the rooms and the pupils desks  making.

Class under the school huts

3 to 4 children have to squeeze in the old desks to fit in the narrow huts

Furniture is changed completely

New wooden desks made by local craftmen equip the new classrooms

New classroom are fully equiped

Blackboard and double-desks allow 40 students to learn in optimal conditions

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