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From 2021 to 2023


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From 2021 to 2023, 1% For Education supported the school of Shechem in La Somone, Senegal, to create and equip 4 classrooms. These new classrooms allowed the school to admit more pupils and provide local children a full schooling in primary school.

This support was both financial and human as some employees of the Maped company voluntereed to go on the filed in June 2021 and March 2022. They gave a hand to the construction work and made the classrooms ready to welcome pupils. They also brought with them school furniture and water bottles to be given to the children.

After the classrooms, a teacher’s room and a guardian room were built to finish the school.



This support accelerated the development of the school and allowed 80 more children to attend the school. With its 6 classrooms, the school covers all levels of primary school.

Thanks to Shechem, even children of low-income family have a chance to acquire the basis of counting, reading, writing and in French language necessary to follow their schooling to secondary school.

Building classrooms

Thanks to the new classrooms, Shechem school covers the full preschool and primary school cycle.

Entering Shechem school

Chlidren are admitted from 2 years old to follow a complete school path.

Conception Lopez présidente de l'association Shechem

Thanks to the 1% For Education Fund, the association can now provide a complete preschool and elementary cycle with its education and development function secure.

Conception Lopez - President of Shechem


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