Donation of musical instruments to Wolverhampton Youth Zone

October 2023


Maped Helix has handed over £5,000 worth of music equipment to The Way Youth Zone, including four electric guitars, four acoustic guitars, a drum kit and two top-of-the-range amps. The equipment will be used in the centre’s music room, which will allow students to have music lessons as well as access to top quality instruments to practise their skills and try out new instruments for the first time.

The Way Youth Zone welcomes over a thousand young people – six days a week – giving them somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to in a safe environment.

The centre offers up to 20 different activities each night, such as team sports, climbing, creative arts and music. One of the most popular spaces is the music room, where young people can get creative and learn new skills with guidance from the onsite leaders and volunteers.

Some of the instruments were getting old and tired, so these new instruments will make sure that young people visiting the Youth Zone will have access to good quality equipment, enabling them to creatively express themselves and form connections with their peers for years to come.

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