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A school of citizenship

Objectives :

Through its “Environment Sentinels” promotions, For My Planet is developing the civic commitment of secondary school pupils.
Throughout the school year, under the aegis of a teacher in the school, 10 young people from the same school will take part in this programs. With it they will discover the main social and environmental issues and explore their own ability to take action.

The first highlight of the year is a scientific expedition to the Mont-Blanc massif, where mountain experts give the kids inputs on the need to protect this sensitive natural environment. They then have to build a project within their school and design the content of the conferences they will give afterwards to share their own awareness.

Year after year, the Sentinels powerful words convince new secondary school pupils to join the adventure all over France.
The towns of Annecy, Toulon, Tiffauges, Tours and Nantes already have their Sentinels, and other towns will be joining them in 2024.


Scientific expedition

Each year, the new classes of Sentinels take part in an immersion expedition to learn about environmental issues.

The training

Throughout the school year, the kids will be developing their knowledge about social issues, and useful skills such as public speaking.

The civic project

Within their school, the Sentinels will be setting up a project to speaks to them. Collecting rubbish, setting up a beehive or compost, fighting against waste - there are so many ways to take action!

Emerging activism

The Sentinelles become committed young citizens who dare to speak out for what matters to them.

The conferences

The Sentinels share what they learned, and spread their commitment through conferences. Whatever the audience - companies, schools, retirement homes or associations - the young people share their experiences with enthusiasm and conviction.

The scientific expedition in a video

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