Lessons for Jharia’s coalfield childrens



1% For Education is proud to support the “Coalfield Children Classes” program set up by the French association Sur le Chemin de l’Ecole in Jharia region, India.

A project of hope

India’s Jharia region holds the country’s largest coal reserves. Nearly 50,000 people live there. The ground beneath their feet has been burning continuously for over 100 years. The children of Jharia often have no choice but to collect coal illegally from one of the open-cast mines.

To avoid a predetermined future in this coal prison, the one and only way out is education.

With the help of a committed teacher, Pinaki Roy, the association has developed a program through which 80 underprivileged children, girls and boys, will benefit from English, maths and IT lessons.
Thanks to this partnership, the children can now benefit from lessons given by 3 teachers in a real classroom and have received all the school supplies they need for the year.

In addition to the school curriculum, the association also finances painting and dance classes. Not only a hobby, they are a way for the girls to emancipate themselves and discover the reality outside the mines with participation to artistic competitions.


Improving learning conditions

This programme won’t change everything in Jharia, but by supporting this education program we are giving these children access to a better future.

Education in any conditions

Pinaki Roy started its lessons with scarce means

The program improved learning conditions

Children have access to classrooms for their lessons

Girls education is one of the priorities

Boys and girls, 80 chlidren follow the 3 dedicated teachers lessons

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