Adapt a foster home to welcome young kids


The foster home Jean-Marie Vianney ( La Côte Saint-André – France), created by Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil welcome up to 60 boys and girls. Children are taken in the home following child protection and educational assistance measures, most of them are aged from 12 to 18.
Since 2022, the foster home has started to welcom younger children from 5 years old. However, the living spaces were not designed for this age group, so the association wanted to make them more welcoming and to redecorate the living areas in line with the age of its new occupants.


The 1% For Education fund has been part of this project by helping to finance an outdoor play area.

The decoration of the family room, the foyer TV room and the main corridor was entirely designed and created by Maped employees, who were involved in the project.

Thanks to a pleasant and appropriate decor, the children now feel at home in a safe and secure environment.

A great collective success!


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