Provide furniture to Northern Laos schools and families

November 2022


Action realized with: NK Seeds

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The project

In the north of Laos, some schools are very remote and kids are in need clothes, school furniture and even food.

The project aims to bring material to the pupils of 4 primary schools and their family (in Hoymuay, Na chak, Nam nyao and Nong Ser) to help the kids attend school in good conditions, even in winter when temperature is dropping. Also a few very poor families receive first need products such as rice for one year.

1 % For Education supports the financial needs of the project and school furnitures were also given by Maped to equip the pupils.

Thanks to NK Seeds, the 475 pupils of these 4 remote schools can attend class in better conditions round the year, giving them a chance to succeed their schooling.

A glimpse of the field in a video

Melissa Lansmant - NkSeeds

With the support of 1% For Education fund, we could finance the entire set of school furniture, a sanity kit and a large part of the warm clothes distributed to the 475 pupils and the 4 familles in very precarious situation targeted by our action.

Melissa Lansmant - Founder and President of NK Seeds


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